This year we have 3 types of food vendors! Select the category below that best fits your business, and then click Add To Cart under that category. All fees must be paid in advance of the festival. Please make sure you have all the necessary permits to serve food in Catawba County and that you have accurately measured the linear feet you need. We have strict guidelines from the fire department about spacing between vendors who are cooking.

• Multi-Item Food Vendor: You sell more that one type of food and do not use a food truck.
• Food Truck: You operate a food truck.
• One Item Food Vendor: You only sell one item in a 10 x 10 space. Examples: Pop Corn, Lemonade, Pizza

Please note that each item, Electricity and Space fees, will need to be added to your cart individually. If you need Electricity, add to cart, then select Continue Shopping to add your booth(s) fee prior to check out. Any unaccepted applications will have fees refunded.

Multi-Item Food Vendor

Food Truck Vendor

One Item Food Vendor