Hickory Public Library and Hickory Public Schools Partner to Launch Shared Access Program

Hickory Public Library and Hickory Public Schools are partnering to provide students with access to additional educational materials, programs, and resources through the Hickory Shared Access initiative.

Hickory Shared Access is a free program that will automatically create a public library account for each student enrolled in Hickory Public Schools. The student account will provide access to online materials, use of public library computer workstations at both branches, and checkout of up to five printed books or audiobooks. Under the program, students will not be charged overdue fines, but will be responsible for fees for lost books. Families who do not wish for their children to participate will be able to opt out of the program.

"We are excited about working with Hickory Public Schools to offer library books and online research materials for every student. I think this program will be a real benefit for students and parents in our community, and I hope it encourages more families to visit our libraries," said Hickory Public Library Director Sarah Greene.

Creation of the shared access initiative is a cost-effective way for Hickory Public Library and Hickory Public Schools to expand student access to the library's collection of books, computers, and research databases. There is no additional cost to the Library to create student accounts or to provide access to existing resources. "We expect the program to create positive relationships with students and families, as well as contribute to improved literacy and academic achievement," added Greene.

"The Hickory Shared Access initiative is an excellent opportunity for our students to have 24/7 access to books and digital resources - even when school is not in session," said Terri Hall, Instructional Technology Specialist with Hickory Public Schools. "Hickory Public Library is a longtime partner of HPS; and over the last few years, we have had opportunities to grow our partnership even more through initiatives such as Hickory Shared Access. We are incredibly grateful for our partnership with Hickory Public Library and its commitment to education."

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